My Last Wish (Demo)

by Circle

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An album of nature and of emotion. A loose concept album.


released October 19, 2016

Production, Composition, Performance, Lyrics, Mixing and Mastering, and Artwork done by Circle.



all rights reserved


Circle Corvallis, Oregon

A Body In The Water~

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Track Name: Fresh Fallen
The fresh snow has fallen
And winter its not far behind
We must soon escape it
Else we will not survive

Our crops are withered and dead
The cold has frozen our wells
Our children sick and dying

Why have the gods sent us this hell
Why have the gods sent this hell
Why have the gods sent this hell

Mountains and valleys buried by the snow
Mass graves dug for the king and beggar alike
Each breath taken is a fight to survive

Gracefully it falls
To the ground its resigns
Out to the wind I call
To the cold and ice
To the ground and cold
I resign
Track Name: Traversing The Highland Snows
The starlight guides my way through the freshly laid snow
Shining light upon the miles that I have yet to go
The burning in my legs cannot stop the bite of the cold
And the mountains may yet decide not to let me go
Days I have traveled, and aye traveled far
But my yearning for rest yet grows
No path laid in this ancient earth
So I go past all I know
May by the father, I find rest tonight
And in those hours find the strength to fight,
Else-wise I fear that I will carry no longer
When I rest under snow
My soul to walk these mountains and moors
If only to have arrived by sleeps allure
Oh land of beauty, your poison tastes too sweet
But I believe that I shall rest now and take my leave
Track Name: Across The Water, Unto Our Death
Peel the mist away
Past the shoreline
Past the light of day

Passing by
A chill of colder air
A touch of death
Another cross to bare

The rain falls
A little bit faster now
Swelling the water
Wetting my cheek and brow

Battle cries
Loud and ringing out
Sword and shield drawn
Honor and glory bound

Musket fire
Louder than the sky
Piercing mans flesh
Running through horses hide

Sudden pain
Shooting through my soul
Blood removing
All of my warriors gall

I look up
The sky is blackened grey
Thunder and lightning clash
As life fades away