Mist and Ruin

by Circle

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A mad king laid to rest,
My wife taken by grief,
My war torn soul damned,
My life taken by our sins,
Foreshadowed horror
Guided by death's hand.

This narrative album is the second release by Circle.


released January 3, 2017

Music, art, and lyrics by Circle.
Produced and recorded by Circle.



all rights reserved


Circle Corvallis, Oregon

A Body In The Water~

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Track Name: Procession
A procession for the king
A march for the dead
The coffin stalked by a coven
Of the faithful dressed in black

The church bells toll
Slow and bleak
They march on the grave
Like an ebony sea

The king is dead
As is the king to be
So vacant the throne
And long live the king
Track Name: The Long Bridge
Upon the moors
Of ancient stones
Where sky and earth once met

The mist reveals
Cross the water
An old stone bridge is set

The darkness hangs
Heavy but still
A howl carries on the air

Through the fog
However so dim
Her ghostly form appears

From this bridge
Her body hangs
From this bridge
Her body swings

Through the mist
She is seen
Through the mist
Death still sings

From this bridge
Her body hangs
From this bridge
Her body swings
Oh my love
Did you die for me
Track Name: The Crow Watches
The crow flies through the mist
Its black wings gliding through the grey vapor
It comes to perch on a barren tree
Clawing at the sky,
Climbing through the air
The crow watches the field of green
Bodies strewn as far as can be seen
Swords axes and broken banners,
The pollution of human greed
The sacrifice of many for the few
The crow watches

The crow flies through the mist
And simply watches
Track Name: The Guiding Hand of Death
As We wade through
The fields stained red
The servants of war
So poorly mislead

Sow the seed
War came to sell
Watch as the blood
Poisons our wells

Watch as our choice
Our vengeful vice
Will soon bring ashes to fall
The dark clouds looming
Close overhead
The black hate of the gods

Filling our lungs
Burning our flesh
The penance for gluttony and gall
One by one, drowning our young
Burning black blood we fall

Soft as the wind
No louder than the drop of a pin

Robed in,
Fabric of the night sky
Leading his ethereal steed to my side

Death he was,
Come to claim my soul
Come to remove me from this blackened world

As for the night,
That night held no stars,
vacant, empty, this fate was ours
Track Name: ...Darkness Prevails
Little I fear
But the passing of the day
When stars appear
Darker things hold sway

Death in the air
Bones emerge through decay
Fires of old smolder
And harps quite their lay

These are then
Times to hide and pray
To whisper
To listen to what you may
For in the dark
The dead hear what you say

Entombed in his arms
The coldest embrace I know
Guiding me through the night
Through the frozen woods and snow

Let no grief stains the ground
Let no tears welcome us home
This sorrow too deep
Only bells can pay its toll

The dark, the darkness
Let it take its hold
I still feel the fear
But its no longer cold
Track Name: In the Undercrypt
My sight
Cast in a black and white shadow
Calm, still
I watch, silent, through the mirror
I follow the traces back, the blood drops
Cold wind
I feel it, I hear the heart beating quick
No more
No more
All that remains is no more
The stone steps,
Each leading farther in
A stagnant silence
No life remains within but caution
Blue eyes
Blue eyes shining like the hottest fires
Frozen cold
Haunting, hating, violent, and dead
A warning
Deaths' hand, guiding, to remind us
To remind us
To remind us of the tide of terror soon to come
Those left behind,
Those who were lost
Those who seek revenge
A warning
A warning of what is to come...

Beneath the catacombs
Below the tombs,
They gather in mass,
Waiting to ensue
Lost beyond lore,
Old as the sky,
An ancient evil,
From which none can hide,
It claws for release,
It screams for blood,
Its old stone cage
Cannot hold it long.
The long I walk inwards
Towards the fevered howls
The stone shivering
Drawing from its power

Fear, fear like none have known before
I pace slowly, begging, begging 'no more'
To peer upon these dead, once loving kin
Now hate in their blue eyes, long since dead.

My sight cast in a black and white shadow
A warning of what is to come.