Apathy (EP)

by Circle

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A short EP of disinterest


released March 21, 2017



all rights reserved


Circle Corvallis, Oregon

A Body In The Water~

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Track Name: Figures
We lost ourselves in those shadowless figures
The smiling faces behind those broken mirrors
The things we did that should have never came
Though thoughtlessly happened all the same
But father time has come to claim our past
To force down our hearts onto broken glass
Like water over sand when the tide runs high
We fall to the corners of our closed minds

We are worn away by the winter weather
We are torn piece by piece then sewn back together
We walk in line as ash of faded pictures
Never again to be what we once were
Give in to the weight of a thousand years
Bend your knees beneath the guilt and fear
Bow to the growing hate within your soul
Remove all love, all you had known

Track Name: When the End Comes
I traveled a million miles in the sun
It's gaudy gaze burning my skin
My only wish that it would blacken and cool
To return to the dark from where all began
To return to the ashes and fire
To return to that still peace where nothing was felt
Because nothing was there
To return
To the one nowhere

Prayers worth nothing
But wasted breath on the sky
Your soul delivered unto the cold
To be buried beneath the snow
Leaves will cover your bones
And the rain will wash them away
The sun will beat them to dust
The stone of your church turns grey
Your faith false and corrupt
Spreading like a disease
You infect all that's pure
The reaper made flesh
To make our world no more

Once more the dark consumes
To flood the world in nothing
To remove all to somewhere beyond
All that once mattered now fades
It comes like a wave, to flow like a river
They run from the black in mad fear
they fear it's absence, its nothing
It is not what they prayed for
I stand tall and embrace the end
For it is alway eternal
there in the black I will never fade
There in the dark there is nothing